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Student / Parent Area

On, we have made your experience easy with everything available all in one place. In the Student/Parent dashboard you will have access to all of your course material which you can download. You can also check your schedule, print grade reports and any other material personally prepared for you by your teachers.

Students Area

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Download your lectures or qirats by Saad Nomani


Stay up to date with your lectures and tests


Coordinate and inquire with the staff and teachers

Grade teachers

Become a part of the teacher's assessment program

Parents Area

Viewing attendance

Checking payments

Viewing incidence reports

Receive students grading

Checking schedules

Messaging with admin and teachers


We offer courses which help enrich a student's experience as well as understanding of the Quran

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Our Academy

QuranLive is a platform developed by people interested in spreading the knowledge of the Quran. Supervised by Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani

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We invite you to learn the Quran and study it in its true meaning for enlightenment and knowledge.

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We invite you to become a part of our efforts in spreading the virtues of the Holy Quran.

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About QuranLive

QuranLive provides Online Quran reading, Online Quran learning, Online Quran recitation, and holy Quran understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained holy Quran teachers.
Under direct supervision from Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani, we provide online Quran learning opportunity with correct accent and Tajweed. Our teachers are highly qualified Hafiz-e-Quran with complete knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel. Our teachers have excellent command over Arabic, English, Punjabi and Urdu Languages for ease in communication with their students.

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