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The Most Divine of Blessings

The Quran is Allah's final message and revelation to humanity – a divine blessing and mercy for those who like to recite it, and reflect deeply on its context. For anyone who seeks to learn the holy Quran live, and enjoy the healing benefits it offers. It is essential to read each letter precisely and pronounce it with the desired level of proficiency.

The word "Tajweed" translates to 'proficiency' and directly applies to read and reciting the Quran correctly, which is an obligation upon every Muslim.

QuranLive is humbled to present the expertise of Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani, who provides his vast knowledge and expertise of Quranic learning to help you learn Quran online, and become proficient in its recitation.

Our Online Quran Academy is the only resource you need to learn Quran online, for adults as well as beginners. read more..

WHY CHOOSE QURANLIVE Studying Quran recitation from QuranLive comes with a range of benefits. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Supervision by Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani

  • No admission/registration fee

  • Flexible class timings and schedule

  • 24/7 support center for students and parents

  • One-on-one interaction with highly qualified (Multi-lingual tutors) teachers with complete knowledge of Tajweed, Tarteel and recitation rules

  • Special discounts in fees for those who cannot afford

  • Easy payment options using PayPal and debit/credit cards

  • Transparency in all the procedures right from payment status to the classes. Parents and students can access all such information from the control panel provided.



We offer courses which help enrich a student's experience as well as understanding of the Quran

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Our Academy

QuranLive is a platform developed by people interested in spreading the knowledge of the Quran. Supervised by Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani

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Register With Us?

We invite you to learn the Quran and study it in its true meaning for enlightenment and knowledge.

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Sponsor a Student

We invite you to become a part of our efforts in spreading the virtues of the Holy Quran.

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Teacher's Journey

Every teacher at QuranLive goes through a selection and training process. This ensures the excellent quality instruction in the reading of the Holy Quran. This journey results in a superior team of teachers at QuranLive.



The teachers at QuranLive are fully qualified in the instruction of Quran. Each application is evaluated to ensure that the candidate possesses the adequate qualifications for teaching at QuranLive.

Interview JOurney


Qualified applicants then go through a round of personal interview. The interview is conducted by Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani himself. A candidate is shortlisted only if he meets the high standards set by QuranLive.



A background check about the candidate’s professional and personal history is performed to verify credentials.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

After the selection, candidates sign an agreement with QuranLive. The teachers are appointed only if they agree to the terms and conditions laid down. These include non-disclosure of payment details, no private coaching outside of QuranLive, and so on.



Appointed teachers go through a training process before they start conducting classess. They are trained in numerous aspects of instructing such as teaching decorum, interaction with students, and so on. The candidates also undergo meticulous training in reading the Quran with proper Tajweed.


Professional Enhancement

Each instructor at QuranLive undergoes professional enhancement to hone his skills in reading and teaching the Holy Quran. It is only after satisfying these norms that a teacher is considered ready to teach at QuranLive.

Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani is famously known for his blessed ability to recite the Quran in an exceptional voice. As a Qari, he recites the verses rhythmically and in strict accordance with Tajweed. His ability has taken him to, many places. Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani has been blessed with opportunity and talent to articulate the Quran like more than 85 Qaris and imams, including the imams of the two most holy mosques of the Muslim faith in Makkah and Madinah. Our team aim to enhance the potential talent of our students through the Quran learning forces at QuranLive.

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How It Works

Enrolling into a QuranLive course is very easy. Simply follow the steps given below.

  • Register online at our website
  • Once you register a mail will be sent to the eMail ID.
  • After Payment is complete you will receive an eMail confirming your enrollment.
  • Next will invlove scheduling classes according to your prefered timings.
Monthly Class
  • The Student will have to pay the monthly fees at the beginning of each class.
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About QuranLive

QuranLive provides Online Quran reading, Online Quran learning, Online Quran recitation, and holy Quran understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained holy Quran teachers.
Under direct supervision from Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani, we provide online Quran learning opportunity with correct accent and Tajweed. Our teachers are highly qualified Hafiz-e-Quran with complete knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel. Our teachers have excellent command over Arabic, English, Punjabi and Urdu Languages for ease in communication with their students.

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